This machine got sent to the wrong person. Now she’s here!!! 😈😍😁😸.

I finally have a serial number, too! And she was born on Halloween! (offically, anyway). She’s meant to be mine!

 We’re never going anywhere NEAR her electrics except to remove and take to County Hazmat.

Yes, I use gun oil for first strike. Sewing machine oil afterwards. No drink for years.

I don't look too bad for almost 95.
My official birthdate: Oct 31, 1922.
You'll see more as I do tutorials.
$15 bucks. And it still turns. It’s gonna need cleanup.

Not that I care. Bye, motor.
The motor was fine before it left Goodwill, but apparently the Hulk works somewhere between GW and Oregon or Oregon and here.

Unless you're planning a really stupid murder.
Do NOT plug this in. Ever.

She’s got her first oil; now she’s going down to the garage for the week, because I’m still thick in trouser production and my Blue Fairy dress for Halloween in July.